Last week I told you about my experiences in airports. That led one of my loyal readers to tell us his own story. Today, and related to flights and trips, I would like to bring up a topic I had on my list and, as usual, to add my personal point of view; it is our carbon footprint.

I am not sure where I found out about a calculator tht can calculate the amount of our carbon footprint, whether it was when I bought flight tickets or when reading those pamphlets you can find on your seat. Be that as it may, I decided to surf the Internet and I came across a website quite quickly where you can add up how many tons of carbon are produced due to your activities.

According to the calculator, when travelling by air this year, I have sent nearly two tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere; besides that, the kilometres covered by my car are responsible for 28 tonnes.? Emissions from my house aren?t included because of a lack of information; and although there are more categories such as clothes, furniture and chemical products, I was too lazy to fill in all the information. To offset my carbon footprint of nearly 30 tonnes, it was suggested that we support some of the Carbon offsetting Projects advocated by the website, which are related to reforesting and renewable energy.

With all this information in front of me I thought about how quickly I buy flight tickets and, on the contrary, how reluctant I am to pour money into these kinds of projects even if it is just to offset my own activity. We are probably aware of carbon emissions and their effects on climate change, however we don?t want to make it our business.

Now I am planning to make some changes in my daily routine to reduce my carbon footprint, in fact I will use my bicycle more frequently. Dear reader, what do you do in this respect? Do you do any small gesture to take care of our Planet?

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