Music for dance, birthday music, music to remember special moments, music to send messages, music to express feelings, music to express disagreement…

It doesn?t matter if you are musically talented, in all probability music is in your daily life. No doubt that we have melodies that evoke our memories: songs from childhood, love ballads, summer songs, those we choose to raise the spirit or that make us dance just when they start playing.

I like talking about music with my friends, even it is a typical question when meeting someone the first times. ?The intention could be to know what musical style they prefer, to check if we have something in common, or it is to learn from them as well. Different types of music move me, and lately I have started to appreciate live music. In recent months I went to a jazz concert and to a concert tribute to Teresa Berganza. The last one is part of the Closing Ceremony of the academic course and I use to go every year. Although the first one move me deeply than the other, both were wonderful. Alongside these reflexions I also wondered whether the experience would be influenced by companions you go with, as it is the case when you travel.

Without a doubt, generation gap is reflected in differences in music taste. Hence, despite the above statement, I am not quite sure whether I can enjoy rap. Rap, according to my son, is the only music style that expresses disagreement with the status quo. In the past decades they were singer-songwriters, who played this role; and rap could be considered the evolution of those ones.

?Do you dare to choose a song? A song that make you to remember something special, or a tune that make you dance, a soundtrack… Would you like to share it with us?

It is too difficult for me to choose only one song, however I would like to share with you one that raise my spirit

P.S. Thank to my son for helping me to listen to rap

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