While I was in Brest I visited one museum, no one in Minsk, and some others in others cities, however I want to refer here the more recent experience.

I recently visited the capital and staying there I asked to a friend where he would prefer to live in, there in the capital or in a little village? Let us remember that I was born in a little village, and that life is very different in one place or another.



Whatever the answer, and whatever option preferred to live in, the truth is that cultural offers varies greatly depending on the cities. For this reason, going to the capital from time to time allows us to enjoy temporal exhibitions, museums and shows that don?t are performed in other cities and much less in little villages.


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This time we could enjoy different exhibitions. On the first one we could admire the creativity and imagination of an engineer who gives life to creatures that must survive on a beach. We were fascinated with this idea and could admire how one of these creatures could walk because a demonstration was performed. After that we took the chance to visit a different exhibition in the same building, this one about Julio Verne. The way it was organized called our attention as well as all the things exposed. Despite that, we were getting tired as it probably happens to you when visiting exhibitions.

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Kandisnsky was the first one on the second day. This time it was necessary to pay, fortunately an audio guide was included. It was worthwhile; we could understand and admire abstract art when it was explained to us. After this tour, we discover the relationship between Zuloaga and Falla thanks to another exhibition in another floor of the same building, which also has a collection of works made by architecture students.


It was the moment to rest and look for something to eat. And what better than to eat ?callos con garbanzos? in Madrid (I chose a different dish) in good company. Due to the weather was cold and rainy and archaeological museum was in the same area, we decided to have a look and admire the remodelled building as the same time we strolled pleasantly around it.



On the third day we went to Museo del Prado, and we chose to visit the exhibition of Ingres, so different from Kandinsky. A collections of portraiture, and a series of nudes gave us the opportunity to admire his work and learn more about the global context in which he lived.

As you can see it wa a cultural weekend whereas I missed to go to theatre, but there was nothing interesting this time.

So, city or village? I am happy in the city I live in, it offers a lot of cultural options, and not only during ?la noche blanca de los museos?. What museums have you visited? Have you enjoyed it or, on the contrary have you get bored? Leave your comment, and we can share our personal experiences. Thanks for reading this post.


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