I don?t know what my mum would have said in case I had told her that I wanted to work as an artist. With all likelihood she would have despaired. Fortunately for her, I was a good student and not good as a dancer or singer.

Nevertheless, since I was a little girl, I was into interpretation; so I learnt all tales and poems my grandmother recited by heart (it could be the topic for another post). What is more, dancing on the open-air party at my little village in summer nights was an activity I enjoyed the most.

Similarly, another happening comes to my mind. At school, in an English class, I was asked to play the role of a poet who has to find arguments for not be thrown overboard. It was necessary to ease the burden. For my surprise I was saved instead of other more useful professionals. I don?t remember what I argued to reach the aim, it is far in terms of time.

I admire the ability of all kind of artists (actors and actress, singers, jugglers, magicians, contortionists, trapeze artists?) have to touch the heart of the audience, making them to feel happiness, hate, anger, compassion?

Recently my admiration joined with personal enjoyment when I went to the theatre to see Cabaret. I had read opinions and details of the play, but it is nothing compared with what could be experienced there. As you know, I am fond of theatre and love musicals, and this one, not because it is well known was less astonishing.

My legs started shaking and my heart beating when the Master of Ceremonies asked for a volunteer to come on stage. I could have done it, but embarrassment and fear of ridicule won. But that might be for another occasion.

I didn?t come on the stage, so I am quite happy with the dedication written by three dancers in the pamphlet, and the picture with them.

Dear readers, have you ever performed in front of an audience? What did you feel? Would you like to share the experience by writing a comment here?

Dear mum, during spare time, I am an artist.

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