During this week students are very busy, and beside we have classes some of them have been empty. I took the chance to read some articles and gather some materials for new courses than will start nets February. After I read almost four articles in professional and educational journals and feel disappointed, some questions came up.

It is said we live in the Communication and Information Era; no one argue the importance of social media, so a lot of publications, companies, consultants, agencies, institutions and people are worried about their presence in social networks. It makes me think that the desire to be on the highest place of the social networks is the reason they publish some articles without content.

My students are eager to connect theory and practice, and we look for utile examples for them. All the same, increasingly there are more straw and less grains. Students at Brest Sate University were also eager to ask, to listen and to learn.

From here, even nobody listen to me, I would like to suggest all those who publish articles that it could be more interesting if they add some reflections, questions, examples, etc. And that it is not useful to write unintelligible pages only to be active in Twitter or to write about subjects in fashion.

In the same way I apply this reflection to my blog. What is my contribution? The answer have to be given by readers.

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