There wasn?t even a bag or a perfume bottle, not even flowers. There weren?t any presents and we did not have lunch together to celebrate Mother?s Day, just a few words between my sons and me and a call to my mother.

Fortunately I can still call my mom and congratulate her for doing her best as a mother. Perhaps she embodies all those values related to being a mother; I mean, selfless, sacrificed a lot for us, always worried about her family, although demanding too. Regarding my sons, I have frequently told them that I don?t care about presents, naturally I would expect nothing. This situation led me to think about my own role as a mother and I want to share those thoughts with you, but particularly with mothers that read the blog.

It is said that mothers are generous; that they try to protect their children from everything and that they sacrifice a lot for their children. In my case, if I am generous or not may be judged by others; in regard to protection, it is an instinct I haven?t felt for some time. As my sons are adults, my main purpose is for them to know I am there for them. I am constantly there, as if looking from a watchtower at their walk through life, which implies that they will have to face their own experiences. It is not possible to prevent them from problems and I trust they have the tools needed to face them.

When it comes to the sacrifices I make for them, I don?t necessarily adhere to the expected model either. It may be seen as selfish, it doesn?t matter; on the contrary, I try to be happy, to have dreams that I wish to fulfill and projects that enrich my life. My goals and personal aspirations are not sacrificed because of them; if anything I choose that which I consider the best option at any given time, but without the feeling that I am neglecting my interests.

As a mother it took me long time to understand that my sons are not mine, that I helped them to grow up and thought them my beliefs. However, now they are independent and free to have their own values and beliefs. I have reached this conclusion, finally.

Because of Mother?s Day, during the last few days, a lot of advertisements have made suggestestions about what to buy as a present and many companies are paying tribute to mothers. What is more, you have probably watched videos and GIFs on your smart phones devoted to mothers. Among them I have a predilection for an old one where a son describes his mother; it touches me every time I watch it. Perhaps one day my sons will talk about me in a similar way; or not, you never know!

Dear readers, how do you describe your mothers? Mothers, how are your perceptions and experiences as a mother? Do you share with me any point of view outlined here or do you have a very different one?

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