My last post referred to tips as one of the things we look for information about before travelling, this week I would like to add that the weather forecast is also checked in advance to ensure you travel well equipped. Having said that, no research was required for visiting Jordan in August; in all probability it was going to be hot and it would affect our experience.

Used to living in the South of Spain, we were not afraid of the temperature in Jordan, so we took on three days of hiking very enthusiastically, discovering all the secrets hidden in Petra. As I told you, our route which was different from the touristy one, allowed us to mingle with people living there. Petra, despite being known as an archeological site which you would imagine as uninhabited, is actually full of people who live in caves spread scattered throughout the area.

Did you think that Petra is one of those places only shown in pictures, with wonderful constructions dug out of the rock? On the contrary it is a place that is full of life. We could share a spot with shepherds leading flocks, with children offering a lift on their camels or donkeys and found may native species of plants and animals. However, after two and a half days walking many hours and being mindful of the sun by drinking water and covering our heads, my body had had enough.

At noon on the third day, dead tired, I had to stop and rest below the shade of a lemonade stand. Meanwhile my friends were finishing the scheduled route and had the chance to see a Sinai rosefinch, amongst other things. For me, it was no problem for to wait there alone while they continued onwards. Thankfully, everyone decided what they were going to do according to their own preferences and there wasn?t any quarrel. I cannot forget to mention that my friend Martina, who is Swiss and less used to the rigors of the southern summer, rised to the challenge better than me.

These kinds of situations are frequent when you travel in groups, and they are personal anecdotes beyond the information found in travel books. You, dear readers, have you ever faced situations like this? Have you quarreled with your friends while travelling together? How do you solve these problems?

The pictures were taken by Martina, Carmen and JF, thanks for sharing them.

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