Had I the gift of writing, this week, inspired by the super-moon, I could have written a poem evoking it. As I don?t have this skill, I just enjoyed reminding ?El romance de la luna? (Garc?a Lorca) instead, poem learnt by heart in my youth and which is still somewhere in my mind. Without the gift of music, I couldn?t compose a song either, so ?Hijo de la luna? (Mecano) came to my mind.

It is possible that this song and that poem are known only by people belonging to my generation (and what is more, if they are Spaniards), and are completely unknown by younger generations which hadn?t had to learn poems by heart during their school years. Maybe learning by heart is no longer in use.

All the same, let?s stop talking about learning by heart and move on to the moon topic again. How wonderful photographs have been shared on the Internet! We can admire the silhouette of The Giralda over the moon; the outline of windmills at La Mancha; mountains or skyscrapers; stunning images all of them. But, what full moon night do you remember?

Rather than photos, I prefer the feelings and sensations of a full moon night. In winter: a frozen nose; hands in my pockets; and a silver light with a clear sky that bodes a night frost. A brisk walk around the streets of the village, it is not the best moment to stop and admire the moon.

In summer: light clothes; lively conversation with the companion; the moon lights up the country and allows us to stroll the outskirts of the village. Olive?s trees and Holm oaks have a special shine. Frogs and crickets sing. Smell coming from reeds of the river, or from wild basil. Smell of harvested fields that is unmistakeable sing of a summer night. In winter or in summer, some full moon nights have been magical moments in my life, more intimate and personal moments, although the moon were less spectacular than the one seen last week.

Far away from my family and from my town, I used to look at the moon knowing that it was seen by them too. A connection point such as I could feel it. My stay at Brest lasted three full moons, notwithstanding that, I couldn?t take a good photo of the moon there, probably is another gift I don?t have.

How have been your full moon nights?


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