?Life is a swing, the same as a pendulum?, said my Pilates teacher. ?Nothing is constant or remains in either extreme?, explained our teacher to us referring to some oriental philosophy, although the precise quote does not matter.

I have been attending Pilates classes for the last several years. Our group, although opened to everyone, is made up of only women. Every class is like a reset, a tune-up, a way to get an energetic balance. Not only do we exercise our muscles, tendons or articulations, but also we try to develop body awareness, concentration, precision, fluency, balance?

When it comes to physical exercise, a well known quote comes to mind: ?mens sana in corpore sano?. In my case, I have never been good at sports. What is more, I had a bad experience with team sports in my youth but it did not get me down. On the contrary, pushing me out of my control zone and testing my physical skills has been an routine I am addicted to.? In this sense, Pillate suits me.

Pilates classes, hiking and Nordic Walking, the recent activity I have just taken up, are the physical workout I keep on doing in order to stay fit; a mix of indoor and outdoor activities which you can practice as a group but it is a personal challenge.

What are the physical activities you regularly do? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor sports, as a group or solo?? Have you taken in a new activity recently or, on the contrary, have you given up on it?

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