Difficult as it is to keep up the inspiration in this blog, not focusing on any particular subject and the guiding thread of which is merely my thoughts and personal experiences together with a format I try to maintain, this week I nearly didn’t write a new post. ?Apart from inspiration, hard work is required to elaborate ideas and make them interesting to be read in Spanish as well as in English. And due to other important activities that required my attention, this week I had a lack of the time needed to do this in a proper way.

Very rarely am I not faithful to my commitment, so, here I am, like every Monday, trying to write around 300 words about some issue, as if I were sat with a friend chatting.

Then, let us talk about appointments. There are dentist or medical appointments, or appointments to visit a lawyer or a professor,… Have you ever got the wrong day or time? ?It is increasingly rare to happen, we use timetables or even apps which prevent us from memorizing dates, places and all kind of details; although I must confess that I still use a calendar on the fridge door.

Nonetheless, there are other kinds of dates, when we meet friends to go to the cinema or to a concert, or just to have a beer and fun. Are you punctual or do you sometimes make others wait for you? Have you ever missed an appointment and leave someone in the lurch? Or on the contrary, have you had to wait for someone for many hours?. What were your feelings then? Disappointment, annoyance, exasperation, irritation, anger, fury…

What about these first meetings when we have the secret intention to seduce someone; and your imagination goes beyond reality?

I am seldom late, and don?t mind waiting if this happens; in fact, once I was waiting for almost four hours for a colleague. I think I have never leave anyone in the lurch (or at least I don?t remember it, probably it was a misunderstanding); and if I have ever been jilted, I have already forgotten it.

To summarize, all these comments, superficial if you want, have allowed me, despite it being late, not to miss my appointment on Monday. Thanks for waiting for me.

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