Ultimately I write about everyday happenings, and today I bring up a reflexion about the necessity of speak and being heard.

In my office the door is permanently opened, only if I have to concentrate then it is left ajar. Everybody knows that I have time to stop and talk. Nothing is so urgent that takes my time away from talking with those who stop by my office.

Conversations are sometimes trivial, but many times they are emotional. One person I only know because we greet everyday, stopped and walked into my office. Suddenly I realized she was opening her heart, she was telling me feelings, hopes, aims, doubts, …

I wondered why she was telling me all this things. And more questions aroused. Do we have the necessity to tell our feeling while we talk about more trivial things with our friends? Is it difficult to find someone who heard us with attention?

During my time in Brest I regret not to know Russian, it was a handicap to communicate with people. The communication was exclusively with smiles, with glances, and with my personal way of moving hands. But the feeling was a lot of time the same. People want to talk about feelings, about the meaning of life, about our hopes and disappointments, about our doubts and aspirations. Anyway, everybody wants to speak from the heart and we have to hear also with heart.

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