Letters addressed to a person or to a group sometimes with a didactic purpose belong to a literary gene called epistle. More generally, letters do not have another intention than to aloud communication between senders and recipients.

IMG_5823_rotatedAlso there are some novels written as a collection of letters, and moreover, there are correspondences that became famous. For instance, the one between Emilia Pardo Bazan and Benito Perez Galdos; or the letters that show a complicated relation between Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir; and love through correspondence between Franz Kafka and Milena Jesenk, ?just to name a few. When I visited Wilanow Pallace (Warsaw) on the way to Brest, I was told the love story that Marie Casimire Louise d?Arquien, known as Marysienka, and Juan Sobieski King of Poland had by correspondence.

I myself also guard my correspondence, apart from postcard I collect as you know, although I have not got any letter for a long time, only pamphlets fill my mailbox.? I do not spend a lot of time reading them, however we could say that there are some of them very interesting, those that evoke shared memories of friendship or finished relations and never forgotten. It is nice to look at the stamps, calligraphy, and all feelings in those personal letters.

Nonetheless, e-mails have replaced correspondence, they are faster and suitable. All the same, instant messaging is even faster, and those against new technologies are already using them. Communication has evolved from manuscript letters to informal conversations with a lot of emoticons and pictures. For this reason I asked myself: do we guard this kind of correspondence? If someone sends us an email full of feelings, full of poetry and nice words, if we have a conversation using whatsapp full of affectionate expressions or even with a declaration of love, what we do? Are they destroyed when it is need to free up space in mobile phones? Where do these nice words go? It is not so serious because in the same way we do not read old letter very often, we would not read again conversation by instant messaging; feeling and emotions will be kept inside us.

What about you? Do you have a box full of old letters, letters of love? Do you save romantic messages from your mobile phones? Or they wither quicker than a rose.

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