One working day starts early in the morning. So I arrive at the library after tasting black bread with tea, while remembering toast with homemade jam from my other routine.

Here the streets are cleaned in spite of the autumn leaves. On the contrary structural barriers remain.

Via trenrampa

In Sevilla I usually had a coffee with some colleagues in El Asturias, here I have a coffee later when the library is closed during one hour. It is the moment I go for a walk along a pedestrian street, Soviestkaya. It is difficult for me to have the coffee I like because I can?t speak russian, but fortunately I found a waiter who speaks English and he understood me. I guess he explained this to all the other waiters, it is a pleasure enter the bar and find that they remember me and the coffee I want, it make me feel ?at home?.

After the coffee I go back the library, I have Russian classes. It is a difficult job, the alphabet is completely different, but: who is afraid of this? Perseverance, constancy and faith, are the secret to reach some aims. On my way to the University I find some curiosities, as an artist who wants to sell his paints.



Other daily activity is to go shopping. I like to take advantage of the fresh and cheap vegetable that is sold in the market near the University. It is the moment we can think about the prices and the cost of living (cost of living was mentioned in a previous post). To get an idea: eggs 14.700BYR (1,10?) Olive virgin oil 75.800 BRY 1/5 liter ( 5,6?, 10? per liter, it is expensive but I can?t renounce it), also I enjoy cheese.



Let?s take a look to other prices. Cinema tickets are 45.000BYR (3,4?), but it depend on the seat chosen. I could find some Spanish wine in Hermitage Hotel, a fresh orange juice 35.000 BRY (2,6?), and the coffee I have in Royal Caf? 18.200BYR (1,35?).
Cine 1


The prices of a performance during a theatre festival are around 150.000BYR (11?), I could see a theatre company from Kazajistan

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With only 48.000BRY (3,5?) you can have 1G in your Belarusian telephone number and about other things as fuel I have no idea.

When the day ends we meet in the kitchen, have dinner and speak about our days. The group is formed by another three girls, one from Belgium, other from Germany and the third from Poland.

Working days are intense, and also I have classes, I will tell you about this in another post.


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