To write every Monday is becoming a challenge, sometimes a difficult one.

I have not done like others bloggers whose post are aimed at readers in specific sectors. This virtual space resembles more and more to my living-room, it needs only friends and readers to write more comments. I don?t believe that there are more than twenty readers, however you are as important for me as if you were 2000. Please, leave your comments.

I was considering writing about abundance or about magic in life, conversely other ideas came to my mind during this week. Taking a walk by the street of Seville, I commented with a friend how beautiful this city is, its blue sky, its special light, and what a pleasure is to walk along the river bank, and then I made a comparison with Brest.


Guadalquivir y Torre del Oro


Fortaleza de Brest (Bielorusia)

I never said that Brest seemed ugly to me, due to I struggled to find its beauty. A kind of beauty that is different from our concept of beauty. I remember that this topic was also considered in the post about Pinsk (September 29th).

calle de Sevilla

Calle de Sevilla

Edificio en Pinsk

Calle en Pinsk (Bielorusia)

Anyway, I learned another definition for beauty listening to Wayne Dyer, probably you know him because he is the author of a best seller (Your erroneous zones). He shows us how to see beauty around us, however as the person?s attitude. You rather listen to him, I leave the link.

So yes, I learnt to see the beauty in the cockroach that lived with me in Brest, anyway to make it funny, we gave them a name.

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