I am delighted when I enter my building and check my mailbox, always expecting to find some postcard or letter. However, most of the time this expectation turns into deception; or even disappointment, because the only thing I find is the mailbox full of junk mail.

Nowadays, not even banks send letters. Arguing that it is better for the environment, they have succeeded in getting people to use online banking. Notwithstanding this, it seems that that reason is not valid for junk mail, since piles of leaflets, booklets or pamphlets are delivered every day and fill our mailboxes: pizza and drinks offers, builders or child minders advertising? their services, department stores sales,? catalogues before Christmas time, special sales on Father?s or Mother?s Day, just to name a few.

But, what do you do with all these papers? I resign myself and pick them up and put them into a paper bag before being recycled.

In the UK, it is normal to find a ??no junk mail? sticker in mailboxes, which is not so common in Spain. In some buildings, there is a special box for the delivery person to leave the junk mail, but they ignore it.

In this regard, I have recently decided to show a similar message in my mailbox, and having heard about the Robinson List, I have joined it too. My question is still whether the junk mail delivery man will know that I am on the list.

I wish I didn?t find my mailbox full of junk mail ever again. Rather, I would like to find a romantic letter; with a declaration of love written in a beautiful calligraphy and a wonderful paper. I am sure more postcards will come from all around the world, which will allow me to admire hidden places, stunning buildings, and exotics landscapes, and, what is more, they will bring me news from my dearest friends.

Therefore, let?s fill mailboxes with romantic messages, greetings, ?I miss you? notes, views of remote paradises, coloured and decorated letters, birthday cards or special invitations?.


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