Every night before a travel, the same happens, although this time there is no reason for that. Luggage is ready, ant this is not a long trip; even more, now bats don?t live in my new windows and don?t bother me hitting my blinds. After checking the hour shown in my alarm clock several times, I decided to get up.

?It remind me a post published some time ago; so it is the right moment to publish it again:

On those sleepless nights objects around me change their shape, size and colors.

Noises made by bats hitting my blinds bother me; and time goes by so slowly, or quickly, I am not sure. Past, present and future overlap, I could say there is only an instant where all of them join.

On those sleepless nights I am not sure if there are worries that cause great anxiety; or on the contrary, if they fade away.

Relatives and friends parade before me, as if it were endless:

Those who are no longer there, they disappeared and nobody really knows why.

Those that were previously strangers and burst in my life by chance and they are still there.

Those who are there for me, although and they go unnoticed.

Those with whom I shared only few but intensive moments of my life.

Those who made a deep and lasting impression on me.

It is a continuous coming and going of people, men and women; youngsters and seniors; boys and girls; and of images and feeling linked to them.

Unease, happiness, admiration, upset, attraction, excitement, eagerness, irritation, melancholy, nostalgia, astonishment, thankfulness, joyfulness, dismay, disgust, confusion, delight ?

In addition, some unreal creatures come to visit me during these nights: fairies, gargoyles, unicorns, dragons? or perhaps they are not unreal.

After such kind of parade, I find a great peace and tranquility; it is the vision of a lake, quite water like a glass mirror. More pictures, I myself reflected in the water.

Sleepless nights seem endless, till everything ends with dawn. Daylight gives back color and size to the objects around me, and sometimes I find answers and explanations I was looking for, just by intuition.

Sleepless nights are uneasy, however they are quite revealing. Have you ever experienced something like that?

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