It is a little village where I was born, as it is written in my presentation of this blog. And it is there where I go every August to meet my family and other countrymen and countrywomen. Very rarely do I miss this meeting, it is not compulsory to attend, quite the contrary it is a pleasure.

Regarding the family encounter, we usually do the same. Being my brother a good cook, he is in charge to cook excellent paella that we enjoy with fresh tomatoes. Instead of meeting in Christmas Eve, we choose August. It is time to catch up and share good news, in this respect family members are growing. Along with paella we have another typical dish: ?sopa de tomate con higos? (Delicious!) (Tomatoes soup with figs)

As I mentioned above, I am glad to meet my countrymen as well. My little village is dying; a lot of people went to work in Barcelona, Bilbao and other cities in the 1960s, and now more than half of the houses are on sale. All the same, many of those who live far away usually come to enjoy local celebration, and the mass devoted to Virgin could be considered the centre of it. Every year we look forward to the sermon of the priest that we comment later. This time he referred to past, present and future; in the sense that we inherit the faith, we meet each other to share these believes every year, and people who come back give hope for the future.

After travelling all over the world, knowing other cultures and different customs, I always come back to my little village. It is like my point of departure, where my childhood, my roots and my family are. Nonetheless, never do I have a patriotic sentiment. Returning to the village where I was born and to the humble house where I lived, give me the real prospect of what I am.

However, I don?t have a feeling of belonging to a specific city or even country; I don?t identify with any flag. But, do you have patriotic feelings? Do you feel bound up to some place? How is this feeling?

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