It is likely that for many people work is considered a divine punishment; and if they could chose, they would prefer not to work. Despite that, people keep on working in most cases to make a living, and they don?t suicide although the work was not the ideal situation. Why am I referring to work in August when a lot of people are on holidays?

Very rarely do I read tabloids or celebrity magazines, but a few days ago I had to wait and going through a magazine page I found information about what happens in Japan. According to what is published, the Ministry of Labour in Japan admits that 189 workers died because of extreme fatigue. However it is said that this number added to the number of complaints, are not enough to make any decision.

In some of my classes, and taking in account research publications, the cultural differences between Japan and other countries are referred, and more specifically those regarding work environment. Nevertheless, I had never thought that their consideration of work might have so damaging effects in people. It is true that it is not a scientific publication and that the cause of the problem are not deeply analyzed, still it made me think about how we consider work.

As I pointed out above, work could be considered a punishment, and then only on holidays we would enjoy ourselves. I don?t like this interpretation and don?t share this idea. I am quite clear that I enjoy working; it is not a punishment for me. Working I can develop all my skills, it is always a challenge to do the best, I am always learning and wonderful people surround me.

Do you think that something would change if we considered work as a way of expression? How do you consider work? Do you feel happy with your job? Would you be ready to change your job if it doesn?t fit you? They are not nonsense questions, we spend too much hours of our life working.

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