Before traveling to Ireland last year I wanted to know more about its History and culture. So I looked for its most famous writers, artists, musicians or people awarded with a Novel Price. I am sure that if you think of Ireland, England, France,? you can come up with some names, similarly great filmmakers, actress and actors, sportspeople can come to your mind.

But, do you know some famous Belarusian?

People who work in different areas become worldwide well known when they are awarded with the Nobel Prize, so I wanted to know how many Belarusian men or women are among them. Spain have eight prizewinners, however I could find only a Belarusian writer who was candidate for Literature Nobel Prize en 2013, Svetlana Alexijevich. Nevertheless, Zhor?s Alfi?rov, who was born in Vitebsk (Belarus), was awarded the 2000 Nobel Prize for Physics. He appears as Russian because at this time the country was part of the URSS.

About painting we can refer to Marc Chagall. He is known as a French and Belarusian painter, in Spain we can admire some of his painting at the Tyssen-Bornemiza Museum. He was a pioneer of modernism and a major Jewish artist. Cubism, Symbolism and Fauvism were synthesized by him. In 1992 in Vitebsk, the city where he was born, the Marc Chagall Museum was opened. I will tell you all the details when I visit it.

Although we cannot name any hero, idol or famous person of Belarus, I am sure they have them. Perhaps they do not know Murillo, Severo Ochoa or Antonio Machado (all famous in Spain), conversely Iniesta, Alonso o Rafa Nadal are probably known there because of the influence of the media, or what is more, Pasora Soler or Rodolfo Chikilicuatre as participant on Eurovision can be known by Belarusian people. I will see what is the reality.

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