The topic I have chosen for today is a current issue due to the last movements in the market of technology companies, as a result of this to speak about bloggers, influencers and instagramers is in fashion.

Just today, the 20th of June, is the second birthday of this blog. Breaking limiting beliefs and going out of the comfort zone, I could launch this blog overcoming all the technical requirements. Soon the technical aspect became complicated, however. ?It was the moment to ask to specialist, waklab in my case.

My first post was a brief text: ?if you have a dream you can fulfil it?.

My dream become a reality every Monday, as I committed. All the same, it is possible to identify two different periods. In the first phase, my experiences in Brest (Belarus) were described. I went there thanks to a scholarship grant I got, so the Brest State University was my destination.

After that, whereas posts did not stop publishing, I did not have a unifying thread; as a result of this there were some months of silence.

It was the new English course what I used as an excuse to re-start writing in my personal space in the internet. During this second period I have commented some books, shared some poems, bring up different topics and questions, and mainly put forward my point of view.

Not worried about numbers, visitors, top posts, and so on, I cannot be considered a blogger, neither an influencer. Nowadays it can be found blogs focused on almost every topic you are interested in, and what is more, there are awards that recognise the best ones. I prefer to pursue my own path, and keep on sharing with you my personal feelings as if we were over a cup of te, in a virtual sense. Apart from this, I would like you (dear readers) to write more often, although I must thank those who write almost every week.

Since I write this blog just for fun, if it became a heavy load I would give up. So, we will see how many years it is alive.


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