In all likelihood the film Groundhog Day has come to your mind and you have remembered how the protagonist finds himself in a time loop, repeating the day again and again. Nowadays it has become an expression referring to those things that happen again and again depending on the season of the year, or at least it is considered so by some participants in TV live debates.

In this regard, meals are one of the topics that pop up as Christmas draw near. I am not referring to Christmas meals with colleagues, but to the custom of cooking something special for family reunions.

One of the meals most appreciated by my family gathered around a table of celebration is breadcrumbs (a typical Spanish dish) cooked by my father; also the stew by my mum; and paella cooked by my brother cannot be forgotten in this list. However, perhaps something more elaborated or exotic or even more expensive may be expected to be served as part of Christmas lunch or dinner.

As I am not keen on cooking, and even more my eating habits have changed lately, I have to face the situation and sort out the problem of what to cook for Christmas dinner. It must be a delicious menu for all family, including me. Fortunately, one of my friends has shared with me posts published by bloggers interested in healthy and, at the same time, exquisite recipes.

Nonetheless, there is my son remembering me that ?each day you spend less and less time in kitchen?, and he is right, I must say. If I can choose I prefer spending time reading, talking with friends or doing other activities. It must be the reason for why I bought the picture above last summer in Redcar.

Although I have a developed a sense of smell, as I told you in another post, my sense of taste is not very exquisite; therefore, if the company is nice, healthy and light viands are enough for me.

I only wish you good Christmas dinner, it doesn?t matter what meal is on the table. But don?t forget to be grateful to the cook, and to be kind to everybody, just to avoid being doomed to continue awakening on the same day, as it happened to the protagonist of Groundhg Day film.

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