250 km to the North of Brest is Grodno, it is said that it is one of the city you have to visit in this country. We got there for a weekend break and this time we found a lovely apartment.


The first thing that called our attention was the coloured public street lighting, they made the city more alive in contrast with the empty street. We finally found a restaurant in the pedestrian street, called Sovietskaya as it is usual here.

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On the walk we could see catholic, orthodox and Lutheran churches. However, the famous picture in the city is The Theatre, there is no lack of memories of II World War.









Niemen is one of the great rivers in Eastern Europe. A pleasant walk allowed us to reach The Old and The New Castle. Besides The Watch Tower of the Fire Department and The Jewish Synagogue can be admire from outside.




Not only Lenin has a statue in this city, also Eliza Orzeskowa. She was a writer nominated to Nobel Prize and who wrote about the River Neman.


IMG_1290A market should not lack, people buy sacs of potatoes and cabbages, fruit and typical deserts.

Fountains cannot be found here, they do not need to refresh the atmosphere. Anyway, people give money to ask for their desires as well. Do you think that a Prince is hidden inside the fog? Just in case I didn?t give any note, here there are no coins.


All the same, one thing I enjoyed a lot was the travel coming back Brest. The bus was stopping in every little village, it was old and made estranges noises. After some stops the bus was full of people standing up in the corridor and with a lot of tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms baskets. I felt like a full part of this situation. I enjoyed looking at parents who said goodby to their sons and daughter going to the city to study. They hope a better and more comfortable live for them. And among all goodbyes I chose that when the grandmother kiss her grandchild. This girl was jumping in the seat beside me all the travel. I was emotionally touched, love is strong strength all around the world.




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