Graffiti have existed since ancient times. However, when you hear the word ?graffiti?, probably the ideas that come up to your mind are unreadable words, defaced walls, and stinky corners.

In almost every city around the world this activity is banned. Hence, graffiti artists are ready to run in case police do show up. It could be the reason why even famous graffiti artist, as Banksy, want to hide their identity.

It is not easy moving from talk about vandalism to talk about street art. Still, sometimes it is possible. I mean, shop owners and street artists have got an agreement about having the shop doors decorated. Or even we could refer to Acci?n Po?tica, a movement developed in Latin American countries and which I am a fan of. Short sentences, with a poetic message are painted in white walls with black and artistic letters. The one I share with you can be seen in Antequera (M?laga).

Accion po?tica

Unquestionably, if graffiti ruin the urban furniture or even historical buildings, it is vandalism. Nevertheless, I?d rather chose the beauty and artistic part graffiti might have.

I share with you graffiti that called my attention.

In Seville,

Those found while I was walking El Camino de Santiago

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In Warsaw and Krakow (I couldn?t take more pictures, it was a rainy day)

An amazing graffiti in Brest (Belarus). It can be found close to The Fortress, and is allowed by local authorities. It says: ?I remember?

graffiti Brest

Have you ever done graffiti? Why do you not dare to paint one? A beautiful or poetic one, I mean.


(Thanks Delfina for pictures)

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