This week I lacked inspiration, therefore I was trying to come across a topic from the list I have when I found my mailbox full of junk mail. I was tempted by this topic, but in the end, writing about gifts appealed to me more because I have received some of them lately.

What are gifts? Are they given to show thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, or as a social routine? They are little of everything, aren?t they?

I would say that there are some standard times when we give presents: at Christmas; Father?s Day or Mother?s Day; birthday or Saint?s Days; weddings and other religious events; on anniversaries; and perhaps when someone achieves a remarkable professional milestone?

In addition, we can talk about the present itself; about those that are given through a sense of obligation; or we can comment on who gives the present and who receives it and their different impressions.

There are presents that are useful, such as clothes or something to use at home; others are a surprise either because it wasn?t expected at that moment or from that person. Some gifts leave you astounded, without knowing what to do, because they are wonderful or, what is worse, they are awful. There are gifts that hide some messages from the person who gives it to you.

Like anyone, I have received all kind of gifts, and if I have been surprised, with all likelihood my face has showed it, it is something I cannot hide. However, fortunately most of them have surprised me pleasantly, although I must confess that once I changed the gift because it was more than I could accept. Now I don?t do it anymore, better I give thanks for every present given to me. For me, it is never a compromise to give a present, I do it when I want and how I want. Notwithstanding this, some presents I have given have been given back to me.

From my point of view, there are some gifts that are a safe bet such as trips and books. The first ones are enjoyed by the person who gives them, and the second ones let my imagination run wild. It is books that I retain instead of giving them away after reading them. I am delighted when they have a beautiful message.

Last Christmas a viral video made us agree that the best present is to share time, so today I finish this post by thanking you for the time you spent reading this blog.

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