Let me comment on the issue of Generation Gap, a topic that, as some of you loyal readers and dear classmates know, I like; however I promise to add a new point of view.

During some periods of time three Generations live together at my home. I am not sure that my parents belong to Baby Boomers, that is, sociologists include in this generation people who were born following World War II, and they were born shortly before Spanish Civil War. In contrast, it is clear that I am a member of Generation X, and my sons are Millenials.

Sociologists have defined generation like people who share common experiences, and as a result of them, they have the same values. Furthermore, they also tend to have the same heroes and similar life patterns. In this connection, the amount of articles focused in this topic is increasing. In point of fact, a macro survey is being developed by 16 TV and radio channels from 13 European countries. Probably they are interested in knowing the habits of young people just to reach this audience, or to plan a proper marketing strategy. Besides, thanks to these articles, we can realize that Human Resource Managers at companies wish to know how the characteristics of each generation may influence a specific work environment.

Notwithstanding this, I don?t need a survey to prove that my parents and my sons see the world in a very different way. Does this lead to tensions? ?Probably, but it is young people who challenge the status quo, who look for other forms to express themselves. Fashion, hair style, or music, are only a way to show a different attitude about work, family, economy? Then, the question could be, are we tolerant with our youngsters? Do we listen to them? I think I will come back to this topic and to Millenials, I like it.

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