According to my beloved friend Martina, not anymore it is not possible to be a traveler; we are tourists, whether we like it or not. So, I am ready to admit being a tourist against it is written in ?Tourist or traveler?, but I would like to emphasize some particularities I have while travelling.

When it comes to traveling long distances, or if it is necessary to cross oceans, certainly air plane is the mean of transport chosen. However, for other occasions, train, bus or car are other alternatives. By train you can travel comfortably and arrive just at the heart of the city, although it is not a good option if you want to go to a little village somewhere across Spain. Whereas bus is not my preferred option, it might become a good experience in order to melt into the population, as it happened to me in Belarus.? However, a lot of little villages do not have bus service any more probably because it stopped being profitable when most families bought a car.

In this connection, my particular choice is traveling with my own car. I love driving and even more to drive long distances. But this is nothing special, a lot of people love doing it too; however, my question is: how do they fill up their tanks? It is filling up the gas tank that I hate the most; and although it might seem unbelievable, I never do it. Getting my tank filled by someone at the gas station is one of my principles, and it is easy as long as I drive around my own city. But, what happen when I travel across Iberian Peninsula? The answer is that I always find someone willing to do it; it means that sometimes I have to go to another fuel station where they offer the service, I don?t care and my friends are witnesses of this.

Some years ago there was a Spanish TV series: ?Lleno, por favor?. This is the expression used to ask someone to fill the gas tank, and it is the expression I always use. Filling up the tank, as well as digging a hole on the sand to put a beach umbrella or uncorking a bottle of cava, are three things I never do as a rule. Perhaps one day I will tell you about the other two. Meanwhile, is there something that, as in my case, you don?t do as a matter of principle?

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