The dragon is not a symbol of any of the houses in Hogwarts School, nor a horse or a fish. So, when I filled out the online test that allows you to know what house you belong to, there was no chance of finding a result like the other symbols of my Burman, Chinese or normal horoscope. The result added a new symbol to my collection.

Not having a preference, I didn?t want to find out that Slytherin suited me, I don?t like snakes; but, you know, if you don?t want something this is precisely what happen. In the knowledge that I was assigned to Slytherin house, this was crucial information to choose the outfit to wear at a thematic birthday party I was invited to, and the excuse to look what the symbol of a snake means.

Although it is not a scientific method, my search on the internet, gave me a lot of ideas which allowed me to find out that for some cultures, a snake is a symbol of transformation, secret knowledge and astuteness; also, it is related to renovation and rebirth because they change their skin. Whereas in Hinduism the snake Kundalini represent our primary instincts dormant inside us, in Judaeo-Christian culture the snake is strongly related to evil, temptation and original sin. It is the first animal named in Genesis and the last one mentioned in the book of the Apocalypse, and its head always appears crushed under the foot of Immaculate Mari.  I, who have grown up immerse in this culture, hate snakes and for me they are related to other pejorative Spanish expressions.

After my searches I also found out that, regarding Hogwarts, members of Slytherin House are characterized by their ambition, astuteness, determination, wit and self preservation; green and silver are their colour and their animal is the snake. I am not sure all these terms describe me, but it was the same when I commented on the characteristics related to the other horoscopes in another post.

If last year I went back to dragons because of Saint George?s day, and because it is my Burman horoscope, this time the dragon makes way for the snake. A new symbol with its meaning. And what about you, dear reader: what house in Hogwarts School do you belong to? Do you think it fit your personality? Are you a Slytherin member too?

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