As if it were a TV series, the fourth season of this blog is released. As we look back we can see that there were different reasons to keep it updated and to publish every week.

At the beginning it was the perfect vehicle through which I could share the experiences I had while living in Brest (Belarus). It was the destination of the scholarship I was awarded in 2014 to work at Brest State University. Afterwards and till now, the only excuse to keep on posting every Monday has been the English courses I am enrolled in. Writing every week, and what is more, writing an English version forces me to practice and study, while at the same time I share ideas with readers.

As for the topics, I would say there is a variety of them which, regardless of whether readers truly enjoy them or not, they have a personal touch: a short post with no more than 350-400 words that ends with a question to make readers think and entice them to leave a comment.

In addition, figures show that there were 241 posts and 441 comments (taking in account the two versions), a few thousand visits, although only 23 subscribers. In any case, they are only figures. I do not know which is the most visited post, however the blog posting range from book reviews and adventures while traveling, to my family and remembrances of my childhood. What is more, with great audacity, some fiction posts like the ones inspired in dragons and princesses.

In the coming season, the format will be the same and pictures will be taken by me or my friends as usual, for better or for worse. Nevertheless, despite having struggled to have the new design ready, it has not been possible. But, don?t worry, you will see it any day and I hope you like it. Let me know your opinion when it happens.

I wish to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all the readers and people that support me in this adventure. Your comments are very welcome, so don?t hesitate to write them.

Welcome to the fourth season! The show must go on!

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