It has been difficult to chose a topic for this post. In Christmas we comment about repeated themes, namely: lottery, Nativity scenes, presents, charity, family reunion… It seems that the topics are seasonal.

Furthermore, I thought to write about these magic days, nonetheless I remembered that hardly could I emulate quotes by famous writer, such as Antonie de Saint-Exup?ry (?it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye?) or Roald Dahl (?those who don?t believe in magic will never find it?). Hence, I am going to tell you about The Estate of the Belarusian Ded Moroz.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is a Human Heritage forest extended between Poland and Belarus which I visited and wrote about it in post published 18/09/2014.

The Estate of Ded Moroz was fenced with columns decorated with carvings, which make the Estate a really a beautiful place. There you can find a collection of sculptures dedicated to characters of the famous fairy-tale, and a representation of the twelve months of the year as well. I was told that if you whisper your wish to the sculptures dedicated to the month when you was born, it will become true. All the same, the most exciting thing is to meet Ded Moroz, dressed in a traditional Belarusian costume, light ?shoes, striped pants and white embroidered shirt. I was fortunate to speak with him, do you guess what he knew about Spain? Yes, he knew our international footballers.

Ded Moroz comes on 31st of December and brings children the gifts. Children know that he lives far away where it is very cold and his partner is Snegurochka, a girl dressed in a blue garment and who usually helps him with his mission. He receives letters, postcards and drawings from children and you can see them there. I seized the opportunity to write my own letter and give it to him.

It must be that during this Christmas time all of us want to express our wishes, writing to Papa Noel, to the three Wise Men, or to Ded Moroz, it doesn?t matter. What are your wishes? ?Be careful when you express them, because they will come to us ?with all its consequences?.


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