Only when you have the flu do you pay attention to some aspects of your daily life that usually go unnoticed.

First of all, you could feel part of the flu epidemic announced on TV News. Yes, according to TV we could be at the peak of this epidemic and it is said that some hospital emergency rooms collapsed. It makes me think if people feel afraid of it.

Actually, not having another illness that could complicate it, you only need to rest, drink a lot and feel beloved. However, it seems that you cannot get sick, you don?t have time. It is expected you to continue going to work; going out with your sons to fish or whatever, and doing all your duties. Why do I say this? Because while I was lying on the sofa, incapable of doing anything at all, I could watch a lot of advertisements of miraculous drugs that would make you get over instantly.

Fortunately, I am not a slave of the TV, so it is easy for me to switch it off and chose what I want to do. In this condition reading was a hard work, so it was better to watch a film, of course in original version not to miss the opportunity to practice English.

Fever made me be delirious, imagines of the last summer mixed with those of the next summer; distant cities and places were part of a single place; known and unknown people talked to me; words came up to my mind in the form of a poem forgotten afterwards; thin lips kissed gently my lips, lips under a big nose of a face of an athletic man; all unreal or real, you never know where reality starts.

What was real was the cake and fruit that my sister in law and my brother brought me when they paid me a visit. It is a common practice in rural areas to bring food when you visit a sick person. I guess that it is due to during the time someone is sick, they cannot work, so if there is no incomes, food cannot be bought. Oh! You are thinking that it doesn?t happen nowadays, and it is true, however we keep doing this but as a gesture of love.

I hope you, my dear reader, don?t have flu. But, what would you do if you had? Would you read, watch TV, watch films or nothing at all?


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