Hardly ever do I spend much time watching TV; effortlessly, I take the remote control and switch it off which allows me to enjoy silence. However, I have to confess that over the past few days I was glued to my sofa watching one film after another. Does it make me a couch potato?. Winter, with its typical cold weather outside, is the perfect excuse for staying at home; if outside the sun were shining, I would have a lot of activities to do that are more appealing than spending hours in front of TV. Indeed, not all films were worth watching.

I am sure that you, dear readers, like me, snooze on the coach without paying much attention to those dull films that different channels show on Saturday and Sunday evenings. However, one movie caught me by surprise: Chocolat. I knew nothing about it; so, wrapped up in my blanket, I was ready to enjoy this film without interruptions nor preconceived ideas.? Afterwards, yes, I looked for information and opinions; it is better not to do it before because criticisms from others may blur your perceptions.

Although the red shoes that the protagonist wear seemed to me extremely beautiful, you may understand that it is not the most remarkable aspect of the film. What actually made me watch it with interest was the way the film dealt with liberty. It reflects perfectly the difference between life under a dominant thought process, led by someone who does it for the sake of common good; and, in contrast, freedom of action and thought, such as the enjoyment of little things like chocolate, which the title of the film emanated from.

I recognise that I am not good at analysing movies; it is hard for me to know if actors overact, if setting and plot are balanced, or if the photography is good.? They are aspects I know nothing about. However, I can affirm that I enjoyed the film, it presents a profound theme set alongside a simple language.

Some of my friends have had an overdose of TV too, citing the same excuse: the weather. What about you? Have you also been sitting for hours watching films? Have you found by chance one that surprised you? I would be delighted if you shared your findings here.

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