One of the readers of this blog, who knows me, said that he prefers those posts where my feelings are shown. It must be because that, because he knows me in a deep way.

Those comments triggered a reflection about this virtual space and about feelings too. What is the point in not writing about feeling if this is an increasingly personal blog? So personal that sometimes it seems I leave the door ajar to see my inside, maybe I will redesign the blog.


Frustration when some plans and projects are not finished or hobbled.

Ire when sometimes I lose control of some situation.

Gratitude, grateful to all people I meet every day, some of them stay while others pass by my life.

Joy when I met family and friends in parties, and when I dance.

Hope for an improvement in the situation of the world.

Laziness before I start a project.

Strength to keep on trying to follow my dreams.

Flexibility in order to change plans, even beliefs.

Respect, consideration to others, to their opinions and feelings

Tenderness you can express with a simple smile and a cordial look into the eyes. That overflows our heart and is shown in a hug.

Friendship, comforting feeling that feeds our lives.

Compassion allows us to connect with other people?s situations; pity if nothing can be done.

Rebelliousness because it is my motto: why not? Everything is questionable.

Melancholy and sadness appear sometimes.

Pleasure felt enjoying magical moments.

Patience developed with learning.

Never neglect; nor distrust, contempt or pessimism. Not even submission or fear. Incapable of holding grudge, or hesitating for a long while.

Sometimes disturbed and proud I think. Occasionally I feel troubled or heartbroken.

This is a list of feelings, although you can classify them as good or bad they must not be judged. As human feelings all of them can be experienced and accepted.

The list is incomplete, only those that came up to my mind and to my heart have been mentioned. Those mentioned could be identified by those who know me, and probably will make think to the other readers, I hope so.

What feelings are in your list?

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