A day like this, Holly Week and living in Seville, it would be justified to write about processions, imagines of Virgins and scenes of the Passions of Christ, brotherhoods, typical music and even scent related to this (incense, orange blossom and jasmine). However, I am not fond of this kind of celebration, not even knowledgeable about these topics, then let look for something related to speak about.

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During my stay in Brest I didn?t see processions, I could visit only a Catholic Church and other two Orthodox Churches, apart from one located in Fortress area. A wedding was being held in the last one and I had to cover my head and put something around my legs to pretend it was a skirt in order to be allowed to enter. Whereas it is banned to take photos, I broke the law and you can see some but not in good qualities. I could see how the priest blessing a car, a new one I suppose, as well. Like in other churches beggars where next to the door asking for mercy.

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I was told that churches have increased, and now around ten new churches can be visited. Also they explained me that it was bad considered to see people going to church during URSS time. It shows that independently of the individual faith, social norms and pressure influence how we show our religiosity.

In Brest there is no tradition to go to the Churches frequently, although people have their own Saints. Conversely in Sevilla tradition is a brutal pressure, even it is supported to maintain tourism sector, hiding probably a lack of faith too.

This post is not to analyze deeply this topic, it is only a comparison I had seen and experienced in two different cities.

Faith is something is very personal, in my opinion we can chose to experience or to erase from our lives. I chose to live it, hence my constant search. What do you chose?

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