Recently my car-dashboard reached 170 000 km, which made me think about the trips I have made by car and all the experiences that I have accumulated. In my car I have been the driver most of the time, and the people who have accompanied me as passenger have been highly varied.

When I am the driver, I don?t like the kinds of companions that cannot relax and who are constantly inspecting what I do. Don?t get me wrong, I appreciate all kinds of advices and sometimes the advice has been the difference between life and death. However, I cannot bear those passengers who can?t disconnect and keep supervising my decisions.

If they fall sleep, I don?t mind; but it is really frustrating for me to travel with a companion who doesn?t utter a single word during the journey time. If I travel alone I can sing, and nobody complains if I am out of tune, I can even take the opportunity to practice English by listening to podcasts. If the passenger, not being a stranger, doesn?t talk to me, it drives me crazy. Although, I must say that, apart from my experience driving a hitchhiker, I don?t usually travel with strangers in my car.

I do prefer those people who help me to find the destination, who consult the map, and even choose the radio channel. Those ones that are ready to help me when I need to change my glasses, offer me water and, above all, are able to have a lively conversation.

I love driving, but I have my owns fearstoo such as driving in Madrid. I would say that narrow and mountain roads are my favourite. I enjoy the landscape and stopping in the little villages to observe daily life. So, I have decided that in the future I will choose those people who can play the role of passenger to travel with me in my car, and those who don?t talk to me will be excluded. It seems very boring to spend hours in the same enclosed space with someone who doesn?t communicate with me.

In this regard, what about you, dear readers? Do you enjoy driving? How must the companion be to make you feel comfortable while driving? Have you had any remarkable experiences with a passenger?

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