A dragon is a legend creature, typically a winged reptilian, able to emit fire from their mouth. Their legend, as it is the case of Dragon of Wawel Hill I got to know in Krakow, is related with maiden offered in sacrifice, therefore it is a trial for heroes. ?They have different meaning regarding to culture, but for Christians dragons signify the sin and probably it is the meaning in legend of Saint George and the dragon.

Every 23 of April it is commemorated the day when Saint George suffered martyrdom, though also it is the day declared World Book day by UNESCO, moreover it is considered the date when two great genius of literature died, Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

In addition, this year is the 400th anniversary of those deaths; however when I do heard it, always the real truth, told on a programme on the radio by Nieves Concostrina, comes to my mind. It appears that Shakespeare was born on 23 April; nevertheless he died on 3 May, and the person responsible of this misunderstanding was Victor Hugo. The French author writing about his admired English writer forgot that Spain and England were governed by a different calendar, the Julian and the Georgian.

The list of writers presumed dead this day can be extended to include Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, but neither he nor Cervantes died on 23 but 22 April. It seems an important date regarding to the life of writers if we consider that also Vladimir Nabokov was born on 22 April although several centuries later. I discover this last information just some days ago after reading Lolita, a book probably I will comment soon. ?I earnestly invite you to read articles by Nieves Concostrina, whose irony and scathing style is far away from my scope, and so you can find out more anecdotes about the death of Shakespeare and Cervantes.

Perhaps, another day in the future I will go back to the topic of dragons and their presence in literature; meanwhile, let me know, dear readers of this blog, if you did something special to celebrate such an important day. I mean, did you go to watch bonfire on Saint George day? Did you get a book as a present? Or even a rose?


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