As I announced in the last post, summer might be a source of inspiration for my writing, and it is indeed. I am sure that as me and my travelling companions, you have taken myriad of photos during the summer months. So, the question now is what will its ultimate fate be.

It has never been easier to take pictures than now in the digital era. Before, with the old photo cameras, it was necessary to develop photos to see the result. Then you might sometimes find some surprises: photos blur, an alien posing behind you, or the wonderful tower cut. If some friend wanted a copy, then you had to print more copies. Afterwards, the collection of printed photos was gathered in the summer album.

All this can be considered even funny by young people used, as they are, to their digital devices. New cameras and smartphones have changed our relationship with the world of photography. Among other things, it is not necessary to be a well-known photographer to publish your pics on different social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest or any other. Everyone may become a good photographer or at least to take one wonderful pic over their life and share it. Another advantage offered by digital devices is that there is no need to print them any more if you don?t want. In this sense, we each have myriad of pictures which probably end up stored on our hard drives.

However, it was not my intention to write about analogue versus digital era; on the contrary I wanted to share with you one of my summer experiences. Although the pictures that illustrate my posts are taken by me or my friends, I had never pay attention to their composition till a dear friend told me off and said: ?don?t cut me off at the ankles!?. Then I understood that when someone ask you to take a picture of them, you must pay attention to not cut them at the wrong place. Only if, like me, you wear socks with sandals, you?d better ask for a photo from the waist up.

Hope you appear well framed in the photos you asked to someone to do during your summer trip. And, can you figure out how many pictures have you taken during your holidays? Do you share them with your family or friends almost in the same time they are taken? Do you print any of them?

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