It is the last Monday this year, we will start New Year with new projects and continuing the previous ones.

One of the achievements of last year was to write this blog, to put it into practice was a challenge, however now it is necessary to fed it what is the most difficult task.

Blog started to tell my personal experience in Brest, therefore now it needs some reorientation. It is not quite clear to me where to direct it, neither what topics could be selected, even I do not know what will be the guiding thread, consequently it also needs to be renamed. It must bring together my personal point of view, my profession as a teacher at Universidad de Sevilla and my curiosity about different sides of the life.

As a bird that sings no matter who is listening him, I will keep on writing, as I have been doing every Monday, short texts, some photos and trying to add all things that can improve this blog.

All comments will be welcomed and I wait you suggest some topics and criticise posts.

In the cover of my notebook it is written: ?Do not miss any opportunity?, because this blog is under way, I will take the opportunity.

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