Every week I use some tools that help me to write the English version of my posts; among this plethora of tools are dictionaries. However, due to the changes introduced by the latest technologies, it would be rather more accurate to talk in terms of digital resources.

Regarding dictionaries, I remember that at primary school I had a useful one which unfortunately got lost after a few moves along the course of my life. It did not seem too bulky to me till I had to cram it into my suitcase to get back home from boarding school each year. That dictionary had some illustrations that I can clearly remember because they caught my attention, making me waste time, well, at least according to my teachers. Full-colour and lively illustrations showed animals, plants, local costumes and my personal favourite, a list of flags. Probably from looking at the flags did my imagination run riot, thinking of all the countries I could visit one day.

I lost that dictionary; however there is another one on my shelf, a big English-English dictionary. It was one of the best dictionaries on the market at the time I bought it. ?Since I bought it, it has been very useful in helping me to persevere with the study of this language. Despite its obvious uses, digital resources that are easy to find on the Internet have consigned it to oblivion and obsolescence.

Each week, to write my post in English, I take advantage of digital dictionaries that help me to find the meaning of the words by just typing them. Simply by clicking, you can find synonyms, word families or idioms; and most importantly for me, the pronunciation can be listened to. There are even apps for Smartphones now that make searching for words incredibly easy.

Apart from the dictionaries mentioned, I also had another one that focused solely on economic vocabulary; nonetheless, the Collins? dictionary is the only one that remains with me despite the fact that I no longer use it.

What about you, dear readers? Did you have any dictionary that you still remember? Do you think they are useful? Do you prefer digital resources now?

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