The light of dawn traces your profile.

Eyes, lips can be guessed.

Sometimes, depending on how you move, your nose and chin reveal your angular profile.

However, your caresses don’t need to be guessed; your hands gently touch my back.

Caresses that excite me, that awaken my desire and passion as sunrise awakens the activity in the city.


Daylight comes in through the curtains after being announced by the birds that nest in the trees along the street.

Dawn we tremble embraced.

Dawn and we are ready to get back to our chores.

To our obligations.

Your caresses will be on my skin as your profile is in my memory.


The bedroom is bright.

There is a farewell.

See you soon.

Down and light makes the shadows disappear; our dreams, idealizations, imaginations… or perhaps they were a real experience, everything blurs and disappears.

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