Sof?a told me what happened to her the last time she met her boyfriend. They had decided to go out to dinner to say goodbye before the summer holidays. Each person had chosen a different place to spend their holidays because their relationship was not serious enough to plan holidays together.

Sofia formed expectations about how the evening would be. She dressed up for the date, booked a table in a restaurant, one of those restaurants which are in fashion in the city due to its novel d?cor and cuisine, and very eagerly headed to the place chosen to meet him.

My friend is a very intuitive person, so she very quickly recognized an early warning sign when her boyfriend told her he had a headache. Also, he didn?t express the kind of? excitement in their upcoming encounter that she would have liked. Still, they went to the restaurant whose decor was not as original as they would have expected neither did they offer any course on the menu that suited my friend?s diet. She told me, with a fine touch of humour and sarcasm that I cannot reproduce here, that the evening was, to say it mildly, a disaster.

It has become common for restaurants to align tables tightly together which makes it impossible for two people to hold an intimate conversation and this turned out to be the case for them. To make matters worse, their table was in front of a big screen where the Football World Cup could be seen and right next to the speaker. Not exactly the perfect scene for a romantic date, as you can imagine.

In light of the failure with the menu and the circumstances, and after a conversation that was frequently interrupted, Sof?a placed her expectations in the next moment. Perhaps a walk along the river bank while eating an ice-cream could improve the evening. However, he, with his headache, and the fact that he might have been solely thinking about his departure the following day, meant that there was no exciting suggestion after dinner.

Sofia frankly suggested that they say goodbye there instead of going with him to his house, but he answered: ?I wouldn?t like to say goodbye in this way?. What a shock! Sof?a had always wished to discover a dominant and secure man, a forthcoming one who would take her lustily by the waist and say: ?Honey, are you sure you want to go? I desire to spend the night with you and wake up in the morning with you in my embrace?. Well, those words are dreamt up by me, but there could be others with that are more naughty or daring; in any case, more passionate than those that Sofia reproduced for me.

My friend confessed that she was not brave enough to go to her home in that very moment and spent the night with him. She did not regret her decision, however the next day on the way to her house she felt very disappointed. I asked her the reason for such feeling and she answered: ?It is clear, I wanted a romantic date, a night of lust and a loving farewell; however, everything turned out wrong?.

?All my friend Sofia had had before the date were expectations; so, I am curious, has something like this happened to you at some point?

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