The welcome card was sent to me with the visa, it is a discount card which can be used throughout the Republic of Belarus. However, I could not obtain any local coins before my departure. When you plan to travel, you think of many different things. One of them is the currency you will need, and then you decide to ask for an amount of them to your bank. ?It was my case, but I was rather surprise dto see that the Belarus Ruble (ISO 4217: BYB) was not a choice of online banking.



Currency is anything that can be used in any circumstances, as a medium of exchange (so says the wiki). Each country has its own currency, as well as monetary policy as well. Coins are also ?the object of desire for collectors, and as stores of value, they are subject for to trade between nations.

Nevertheless these points of view are not interesting for me, neither the historical point of view. Currency or money appears in literature. In the Spanish version of this post I refer to ?El Arcipreste de Hita: El Libro del Buen Amor? or ?Quevedo: poderoso caballero don dinero?, but unfortunately I know nothing about literature in other languages.?Anyway, the parable of talents (Matt. 25: 14-30) refers to coins, currency or gifts; or expressions such as ?two sides of the same coins? are used.

But my personal view brings me to other issues. Without being an expert but a curious peson, a lot of questions arise: Why so many different currencies?? Is variety of money relevant to make a difference between societies, people, citizens from different countries?? How or what is the effect of the currency used by a person in his or her life? Do currency mirror the power of a nation?

Of course, these kind of questions do not seem appropriate for a teacher in a Business School, I could know the answers or ask my colleges. All the same, my reflection goes farther. Human dignity has nothing to do with currency or money, neither with exchanges rates or purchasing power. It is another dimension, it is the dimension I am interested in.

I shall show you Belarusian Rubles when I have them in my purse, and what is more, we will see what can be obtained with them.

Al least smiles do not have a price or cost.

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