This topic usually appears in most English language courses. Perhaps, the aim is to learn vocabulary and all the expressions related with it. However, sometimes, when students are adults, as it happens to us, pros and cons of different therapies are analyzed, even we enjoy sharing our own experiences and solutions.

One way to slow down the rhythm of life, to focus and relax, is to start doing handcrafts (I am not sure it could be considered a therapy). I mean puzzles, drawing, knitting… Recently I came across an article where all the advantages of these activities were showed. In this sense, it was argued that mental concentration obtained doing them distracts our attention from concerns and anxieties, bringing peace and relax thanks to the intervention of the hypothalamus. It is better that our classmate, expert in neuroscience, says if it is or not true.

p cruzIn this regard, I remember all the manual works at school. I am not sure if it was intended to stimulate our creativity, or, on the contrary, it was only the way to teach us how to be a perfect housewife. ?I don?t care, actually I keep some needlework tapestries from that time and I must admit that I have enjoyed doing this not long ago. Even I did a big puzzle obtaining the desired effect.


Knitting is now a trend and crochet as well. ??Do you remember when the Statue of El Cid was dressed with a coloured crouched cloth? It was in 2013 and an artist from New York was the responsible.


La oveja merina (Sevilla)

Then, is it a therapy only for women? Do men chose another kind of activities as washing the car or running? Have you ever try to do a puzzle with more than 1000 pieces? Or perhaps fortunately you don?t have to cope with stress and don?t need to resort to this kind of activities. Let we know your experiences and opinion.

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