Last post I pointed out the differences between cities and little villages regarding cultural offer.

Then I referred to exhibitions and now I would like to focus on music. When I was a little girl in my little village there wasn?t concerts, however we had some musicians who played during fests to give people the opportunity to dance. Just in front of my house ?el t?o Mat?as? lived, he was a barber, and stutter, and when he wasn?t shaving or cutting hair, he played saxophone.

It is in this city,Sevilla, where I have enjoyed different kinds of concerts. Looking back I am going to tell you some of them.

Cita en Sevilla was a festival hold in Sevilla during years I was a student, which allowed us to enjoy some now well known singers, as Joe Cocker. I clearly remember it, although I have a shadowy memory of others, I have to ask my friend Lola.

I do not believe that there is any evidence of a concert by Luz Casal hold in Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales. All the same, I remember me dancing on a Friday night outside the Faculty while Luz Casal was singing Rufino. If I had had a camera or a smart phone as it happens now, I could prove it here.

In 2016 it is the 25th birthday of the Real Orquesta Sinf?onica de Sevilla, I have enjoyed some concerts in this wonderful concert hall which is La Real Maestranza as well. I love going to the concert sponsored by Universidad de Sevilla each year on July at affordable prices. Best of all, I go usually with friends who are experts and explain me a lot of details in order to appreciate it.

Despite that I enjoy classical music, do not lead to the conclusion that I have stopped going to more popular concerts. Just last year we could enjoy Julieta Venegas on a really hot summer night, and more recently it was the turn of Rozalen.

Have no fear, I am not going to list all concerts I have been, although I regret not going to this one of Rocio Jurado. Yes, you can see that I enjoy different kinds of music. Nonetheless I have never traveled far away to see any singer, or wait in long queue; I am not a good fan.

Still I could tell you more, but I would like to know about your experiences. Do you take the chance to go to concerts of any kind in your town? Do you remember any concert as an unforgettable experience? Please, leave a comment, this is like my tea-time, when I talk with friends about any topic.

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