There is a song by Sabina, a Spanish singer, which reminds me of this expression. Despite what you may be thinking, we are not going to demolish everything but have a break and, perhaps, come back with a renovated blog in the future.

A blog format is very versatile. With professional purpose it can be used a long with a website to sell products or services; in this case, the experts write about topics they specialize in. Websites and blogs are usually part of personal brand strategy. Other people publish posts in a blog not only to tell whatever, give information about something from cooking recipes to travel tips, but also to stimulate debate. My blog is closer to the second one given that I have nothing to sell.

In the last few months of the blog, we have enjoyed Paul?s generous collaboration and, sometimes Sofia has written too. A wide range of issues have been brought up, from dreams to feelings; and although there are some of them I have left out, the summer period is here, and I am going to hang up the ?closed for renovations? poster.

It is my intention to simplify my life, so I am going to stop doing some activities and perhaps writing my blog may be one of them. Yet it is possible I might come back, but, the evet I do, I will break my own rules, those which have been very useful to publish with perseverance, but which now make me feel constrained.

I am not sure about the future of my blog, not even of its English part. If I come back, I won?t be putting myself under pressure to post something every Monday, write a limited number of words or finish up each post by posing a question which invites the readers to participate. All norms useful to date, have become an inconvenience.

Before saying good bye, it is time to be grateful. So, thank you very much to my loyal readers and to those who took the time to write comments, to those who helped me with the technical part and, a special mention, to my friends who gave me permission to publish their pictures accompanying my texts.

Thank you so much and see you soon!

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