It is normal to find people that try to deceive you, and using studied arguments, attitude and techniques, they want you to buy something or give some money to them.? Sometimes I am caught up in their network, however inside me a question comes up: are theu behaving honestly? And I always reach the same conclusion: I don?t care. It is their responsibility.

I prefer those people who enjoy doing their jobs, who give you a price for the work they did for you, or the service offered. If they give you a price they consider just, it doesn?t matter to me how much they ask for. It could be considered silly behavior, because usually people ask for different budgets, compare them and decide rationally. You may be right; however, I have recently learnt the meaning of ?happy money?.

Wondering around a park in Warsaw I found a woman who was making flowers from dry leaves. She could create something beautiful from something considered litter by others. I was captivated by those beautiful roses and by the gaze of that woman, so I decided to buy one rose.

-How much it is? I asked.

– Happy money, answered the polish woman.

Quickly I understood the message, she would be glad of the money once it was given with gratitude, love and happiness.

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In my opinion, happy money is a perfect amount of money which brings happiness to each party; and the amount of money others ask for and make them feel happy too. Now, make no mistake, it has nothing to do with the amount, ?more is better? doesn?t work. It works in another way.

If you practice happy money you can invite a friend when you two go out for dinner, without a reason, just for the sake of it; or you lay the first stone in the project dreamed up by some of your friends. Or you can receive happy money from somebody you have helped selflessly. Not only money, also smiles, kindness, joy and happiness, everything is multiplied. Is it magic? Yes, it is. Try and experience it yourself.

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