La remolacha

La remolacha fresca no es un producto fácil de encontrar en los lineales de nuestros supermercados. Sin embargo, es el ingrediente esencial de la sopa borsch y, según los libros que aconsejan sobre alimentación, uno de los imprescindibles para una nutrición equilibrada. Ahora que leo sobre microbiota y distintas propuestas [...]

2023-11-22T20:10:32+01:0022 November, 2023|Belarus, Places, Personal section|

Repost: la casa de Ded Moroz

Ahora que todos conocemos algo de Bielorusia por las noticias que nos muestran los informativos, una amiga me recordó mi experiencia en Brest (Bielorusia). Durante mi estancia en la ciudad que da nombre a mi blog, pude conocer un poquito de la cultura del país, y fui compartiéndolo en publicaciones [...]

2021-12-21T11:53:32+01:0021 December, 2021|Belarus, Personal section|

Fortune, magic, letter to The Three Wise Men and other thoughts

It has been difficult to chose a topic for this post. In Christmas we comment about repeated themes, namely: lottery, Nativity scenes, presents, charity, family reunion... It seems that the topics are seasonal. Furthermore, I thought to write about these magic days, nonetheless I remembered that hardly could I emulate [...]

2015-12-20T20:37:06+01:0021 December, 2015|Belarus, Personal section|

Soups and other culinary experiences

Frequently when you travel you try the typical dishes of the country, after that, if you enjoy new flavours you can incorporate them. As most of you know, last year I spent three months in Brest (Belarus). Among the typical dishes there we can name Dranikis and Borsch Soup. I [...]

2015-12-13T10:43:45+01:0014 December, 2015|Belarus, Personal section, Places|

??????????? ???? Bialowieza Forest

From Brest you can visit a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage, the Bialowieza Forest. It is one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest in Europe. It extends across parts of Poland and Belarus. But all the information and explanation about its flora and fauna [...]

2014-09-18T08:39:53+02:0018 September, 2014|Belarus, Personal section|
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