Dear friend,

Although we have tried to talk over the phone, it has not been possible. As time is an abundant resource here in my little village, I will take the chance to write you a new letter. Perhaps I have never told you but my taste for letters probably comes from the time I used to write the letters my grandmother sent to my uncle who lived in Madrid.

This time I want to share with you a memory that came to my mind some days ago. The image is the plain we crossed by car to reach  Tatev .the most southeast point we visited in Armenia. It is not clear why some images remain in our memory whereas others fade with time. Here I can enjoy plain too, it is called Vegas Altas del Guadiana, fields of fruit trees, rice or tomatoes plants. Would any traveller driving by this landscape remember it as it happened to me with road to Tatev?

The image that comes to my mind is a picture of hives close to the road and a woman selling honey in the middle of nowhere. Here there are no hives, and the fields are waiting for the rains due to the draught we are suffering.

How wonderful was Tatev! Do you remember we reach this high point by the longest reversible aerial tramway? Although you are a good driver, and we are not afraid of poor road, we wanted to avoid the Devil´s Bridge in this area.

Siting in the shade we started to imagine a plan, do you remember it? I know you do, because it is among the list of New Years resolutions we did in Fez. My village is not at an altitude so high as Tatev, neither it is surrounded by mountains that cast hug shadows at dusk, nor even I have someone who do bizarre plans with. Siting alone in my house courtyard I can look how the sun shines on the well or smell the scent of the orange tree while all these images come to my mind, or I dream with new adventures.

As I asked you before, why we remind some landscapes and not others? Tell me, dear friend what do you remember from that day? Perhaps the plains, our stop to rest beside a river, the caravanserai on the Silk Road, or the car with a heavy load on the top…

Whatever you remember, be sure that soon we will have new adventures. Meanwhile I send you a big hug with this letter because as you know

“more than kisses, letters mingle souls”
Monasterio de Tatev (Armenia)

Monasterio de Tatev (Armenia)

coche cargado

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