Almost once in my life I have felt a metamorphosis. Every cell of my body transformed completely till they were renewed and I felt this renovation.

After some time I was telling my experience to another pilgrim on El Camino de Santiago, we were sitting in a lodging decorated with butterflies. I chose butterflies as a symbol, as a totem. And then it came into a game when I read ?Atrevete a ser tu maestro? by Suzanne Powell.

IMG_3166Now I often find them, alive or printed in t-shirts, bags, backpacks, foulards, or as a decoration in different things. It is necessary only to be aware and realize when they appear and what is in my mind at that very IMG_3232moment.


Fortunately Brest was full of butterflies. I remember them as sticks on the glass window of a shop which I used to see. Anyway, the best ones were those I could see in Sovetskaya street, people looked at me with surprise when I was taking pictures of them with my mobile phone. And in the Fortress, there butterflies lived unconcerned about tanks and memorials to war.

IMG_1184 IMG_1182

Now I have explained why I like butterflies, it is said that the meaning associated with the butterflies emphasizes the ability to move from one state, perspective, lifestyle to another. Turtle was my symbol before, it means walk our path in peace and determination, but I got rid of the shell which is a protection and a load at the same time. What is your symbol or totem? Do you play to find it everywhere? Do you dare to try to do this?

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