I am pretty sure that you, dear readers, received some presents last Christmas. So, we should comment on the social norms related to giving, the prices of gifts or the budget we set aside for buying gifts, or even consider if they are chosen to match the tastes of the buyer or of the one who is going to receive it. However, I would like to refer to books when given as presents.

As I like books, I usually give them as presents. Most of the time, they are books I have read and enjoyed, so I offer them in the hope that they will bring real moments of happiness or guaranteed learning. In doing it this way, I forget about the effect the book had on myself and that it doesn?t have to be the same for the next reader. What is more, it could be that the person doesn?t like it, nor even read it and leave it forgotten on a shelf.

Books awake my imagination, involve me in fantastic and emotional stories, or, in other cases, allow me to learn a great deal. However, not everyone appreciates books in the same way, as evidenced by data. According to surveys the average expenditure per person on books is much less than the average expenditure per person on the lottery. This is a reality despite experts claiming that it is more probable for you to become a millionaire if you learn something and apply it with determination and consistency rather than believing that you will win the lottery.

They may be appreciated or not, read or long-forgotten, be as it may, I choose books as gifts last Christmas. And I have also received some books, poetry books, others with short stories and some self-help books. I consider books a very good present, in any case, of any genre, and there is always one for each recipient. In your case, dear readers, do you give books as a present? Have you received a book in the last years? Did you enjoy it or was it placed directly on the shelf?

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