Hardly can the readers of the English version of this blog relate the title of the post with the title of a Spanish film, probably because they have not watched it. However, today?s topic is not about films, nor even about the hit of the summer, which might have come to your mind because it is worldwide known (Shakira and Carlos Vives, La bicicleta, first place of iTunes in 16 countries).

During my childhood I liked cycling, and this old bicycle is still in the loft of my parent?s house. But I stopped using it for years. Nevertheless, in an attempt to share a family activity, we bought one bicycle for each of us and this is the reason I have another bike; this time it is blue, while the old one is red.

The blue bicycle has been almost forgotten for years, although for the last three years I have been trying to incorporate it to my everyday life. Always a powerful excuse was found to justify the advantage of going to work by car; the weather, the necessity to carry bags from the supermarket on the way home, or simply it was my own laziness. But at the beginning of this course (you must know that we teachers organize our life around courses), I was determined to incorporate it to my life style.

When it comes to leaving the comfort zone, I am proving myself to be an expert, so I have been going to work by bike during last week. In point of fact it is not the first time I try new experiences that can enrich my life, and I am sure this one allows me to have new sensations.

All the same, this post is not about films, summer hits or bicycles; it is about changes of habits. Asked how many days are needed to change a habit, my students answered 21 days. They know it thanks to a TV advertisement, and it is true according to books on self-help. So I?d rather wait 21 days before showing proud of myself.

And what about you, dear reader, have you ever changed a habit?


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